Guillermo Esparza 
Smithsonian Institution's Public Art Sculptor, Artist, Iconographer

Maria Stalin-Andriasova
The Juilliard School concert pianist, composer
The historic Grand Deesis monumental mural Icon by the Vatican Artist Guillermo Esparza is on view at The Edward Cardinal Egan Catholic Center at New York University, part of NYU's Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, and is on loan from Maria Stalin-Andriasova and Guillermo Esparza's private collection. The mural Icon of the Pantokrator, The Grand Deesis by Guillermo Esparza is installed at the Edward Cardinal Egan Catholic Center at New York University, by invitation of Timothy Cardinal Dolan. 

The exhibition is part of the on-going award-winning sacred art exhibit by Guillermo Esparza, "Arcanum Angelorum" ("Mystery of the Angels"), which originated at The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, where Guillermo Esparza is an artist-in-residence since 2009. Guillermo Esparza was honored for the exhibit by New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. 

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A Tribute to Faith 

By Terry Considine Williams for The New York Times
Published: July 22, 2001 

An icon titled ''The Crowning of Christ,'' now being readied for the ceiling 120 feet above the nave of the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, is a gift from the Very Rev. Robert V. Wilshire, who served for 20 years as Dean of the Cathedral, seat of the Long Island Episcopal Diocese. Dean Wilshire died on July 22, 1999.

The 18-foot-by-13-foot icon is in 24-karat gold leaf and varigated blues, adapted from a medieval palette created by Guillermo Esparza, right, an artist and iconographer from Manhattan, following the strict canons governing icons that were set down in Greece a thousand years before the Renaissance.

At the four corners of the enthroned Christ at the center are the tetramorphs of the Evangelists: a lion depicts Mark; an angel face is Matthew; John is an eagle and Luke is an ox. To the right of Christ are the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Hanging of the icon is expected to be completed in the next two weeks. 

Terry Considine Williams

Selected works by Guillermo Esparza in New York City area:

The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral, Manhattan

The Church of the Holy Innocents, 

Cathedral of the Incarnation 
in Garden City, New York.  

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of 
St. John The Theologian 
in Tenafly, NJ.  

Saints Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church 
in Somerset, NJ.  

Cardinal Egan Catholic Center, New York University, Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life.

Photograph by Shannon Stapleton for The New York Times.

Guillermo Esparza's Mural Ikon of Pantokrator, permanent installation, Cathedral of Incarnation, Garden City, New York
Guillermo Esparza and  Maria Stalin-Andriasova

U.S. President Bill Clinton reads under Guillermo Esparza's mural Ikon at The Church of St. Paul The Apostle, NYC.  Tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Academy Award winning director and Hollywood  movie legend Morgan Freeman delivering speech honoring Nelson Mandela Foundation under Guillermo Esparza's Podlennik mural drawing at Church of St. Paul the Apostle in NYC with President Bill Clinton and NY Mayor David Dinkins.

The Vatican Cardinal Sepe delivering Mass under Guillermo Esparza's Grand Deesis Mural Ikon.
Maria Stalin-Andriasova and Guillermo Esparza in front of Guillermo Esparza's Seraph at their New York City Art and Music Studio.
Photo: Guillermo Esparza Studio.  Smithsonian Institution.  All Rights Reserved.