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"A phenomenon, a completely unique talent." 
PM Magazine for The Fox Network

"Maria Andriasova Esparza is an outstanding, influential musician, assured of her place in history."
"Mozart Award" in composition, IBC, Cambridge, UK

"Ms. Maria Andriasova, a well-known Russian-born pianist, is an artist of substance, a truly bankable star! A musician with a great deal of experience and a talent to match! 
Everybody was raving about Ms. Andriasova's superb performance. One can be very moved by her style and musical ability to project her gifted talent as a pianist and performer!" 
On Ms. Andriasova's recital at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace Memorial Museum in New York
Michael Matthews for Music Filipiniana Radio Show
WSOU-89.5 FM 
Seton Hall University Radio

​Maria Andriasova-Esparza has performed for Pope John Paul II, U.S. President Donald Trump, and other world leaders as an award-winning composer and concert pianist. She is the soloist, actor, and a recording artist at "Organisation Internationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision" (Paris, France); Soloist, actor, and a recording artist with Moscow Big Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Radio and Television (Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow under Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor); Composer, pianist, and recording artist at Studio International (Los Angeles, CA - London, UK).

She received a coveted "Mozart Award" from IBC, Cambridge, UK for her original soundtrack to a documentary film about her husband, The Vatican Artist Guillermo Esparza (an original production by Studio International, London, UK. Veronica Aberham, film director).

A winner of three consecutive Calouste Gulbenkian Awards, Maria Andriasova Esparza is a private piano instructor at The Juilliard School in New York. Her music compositions are catalogued by Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and the U.S. Library of Congress.

Maria Andriasova Esparza
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Composer and concert pianist Maria Andriasova Esparza photographed by Guillermo Esparza.
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